What We Look For When Inspecting Your Roof

What We Look For When Inspecting Your Roof

Our roofs are possibly the most vital parts of our homes. Any problems can result in frustration, upset and considerable damage to the inside of our homes.

Here at Roof Tek, we care about roofing in Rockhampton and our residents which is why we offer free roof inspections to ensure there is no damage from storms or old age, so we can prevent or rectify problems before they become a major issue.

But what is it we look for on roofs to make sure that they are safe and are doing the job we want them to?


A Walk Around

Before anything else, our specialist roofing in Rockhampton team will walk all-around your home to visually inspect your roof.

From the ground, we can note any problem areas or areas that we think need closer inspection. We will also be able to see any missing tiles, sagging, ageing or damage that may have occurred on your roof.

Areas that have algae or moss are notorious for being problematic. These are the areas where water leaks may be occurring and where water damage may have taken place.

We will also be able to see any loose or damaged gutters and drainpipes which can again cause your home damage unless remedied.


Up On The Roof

Once we have completed our ground-level inspection, we will then erect our specialist ladders and make our way onto your roof. Here we will inspect more closely, whether it is a steel or tiled roof.

We will check for any cracks or holes in your roof and thoroughly check all flashings. These areas around vents, whirlybirds and skylights can loosen and even warp. Due to our very hot summers, the temperature on a roof can increase at a very rapid rate which can misshape metal and cause your tiles to crack.

Our company also uses state of the art infrared thermography on your roof. This excellent technology allows us to see leaks that may be invisible as well as other issues that may be difficult to detect with the human eye.

Other problems we will take into account and look for is damage caused by pests that are prevalent in Australia such as termites. Termites can do huge damage to your home and as most houses have wooden support beams in the roof, they are a termite’s feast. No area will be left unchecked.


Get Your Roof Checked

To look after your home, you need a company that cares about roofing in Rockhampton. Here at Roof Tek we are highly experienced in all aspects of roof inspection, repair or replacement and are fully insured with the very best specialist equipment.

We advise that you should have your roof checked at least twice a year. After our unpredictable winters and after the summer has taken its toll. To organise your roof inspection, contact our team today on (07) 4922 9992.