When to Re-Roof and When to Replace

When to Re-Roof and When to Replace

Roofs are something we can’t do without. They shelter us from, wind, rain, and sun. They are the cap of our houses, keeping everything together. That’s why, although usually unthought-of, it’s vital to keep them in good repair. Most of us never look up and glance at our roofs.


Unless there is a gaping hole, we wouldn’t notice any damage or need of repair. That is until we find dampness, mildew, or stains inside our homes.


Believe it or not roofs need tender loving care if they are to last. At some point in your house’s life, it will need a new roof. At what point do you stop repairing and consider getting a new one?


That is the question. Here at Roof Tek, we have been installing and maintaining roofing in Rockhampton for over 30 years and would like to help you answer that question.

  • If your roof is in a bad state and you are fed up with repairing it, then you can put another over the top of an existing roof as a cap. This depends on whether or not your struts are still in good condition. It also depends on the materials that make up your roof. In our experience, we have found that it is sometimes cheaper to replace a roof than re-roof, especially if you are using shingles.
  • If you already have had your house re-roofed, then another layer isn’t an option. It will definitely be cheaper to replace the entire roof. 
  • Most house owners don’t realise that the size of your house, whether one storey or more and the steepness of the roof’s pitch will also be a consideration. Low pitched, one storey houses are much easier to re-roof than two storey houses with steep pitches. Ease and accessibility help determine costs. Sometimes replacement is the better option in terms of labour costs.

Re-Roof vs Replacement

In many cases replacement is better than re-roofing, but we at Roof Tek understand that not everyone one can afford it. We are experts at concrete roofing, a very tough and long lasting solution to any issues you have with roofing in Rockhampton.


Instead of traditional or metal, this may be the best option for you. For more information contact us through our message page or simply call.