Roof Restoration Rockhampton

Roof restoration is an upgrade and rejuvenation of an existing roof. Restoration work can be undertaken on various roof types, but the most commonly restored roofs are concrete tiles, metal tiles, pre-painted steel and long run metal roofing. Full restoration work normally includes cleaning and removal of lichen, repairs and/or re-pointing/re-mortaring and/or reflashing, replacement of damaged tiles or roof sheeting, application of a coating system. Restoring and applying a colour coating system will extend the life of the roof and improve its aesthetic appearance.


The Process of Roof Restoration 

The definition of restoration involves the process of taking something that is deteriorated in some way and 

making it new again or, ‘like new.’ Roof restoration is the process of using highly engineered coating products to restore an existing roof deck to a like-new condition. If you are looking to make your roof look like new again without getting a completely new roof, a roof restoration system is an option that should be considered. We will perform an obligation free rooftop evaluation to see if this is the best option for your home. A roof that is in restorable condition will allow you many benefits i.e. reduced cost, less mess and noise, and environmental benefits as well.

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