Concrete Roof Tiles In Rockhampton & Queensland

Why choose Concrete roof tiles?

Roof Tek CQ uses the highest quality roofing products, supplied by CSR Monier Roof Tiles. This means a number of things for you. All Monier Roof Tiles are energy efficient and built to stand the test of time, while withstanding the elements. Achieve the perfect climate year round with proper insulation, ventilation and even the option of solar.

Here are some other great benefits of Monier Roof Tiles:

Monier Roof Tiles will not rust, warp or corrode—a known problem with other roofing materials.

Keeping you comfortable in your home all year round, while helping you save money and the
environment through energy efficiency.

Ideal for those living in colder climates. Impervious to the effects of frost and ice, and will
never warp, no matter how cold it gets.

The raw materials used to manufacture tiles are non-toxic, so the water that runs off a tiled roof is potable; however, other factors including atmospheric fallout need to be considered.

Monier roof tiles are ideal for coastal locations that endure the wind, spray and salt of the
ocean. All Monier roof tiles are salt safe and will not corrode over time.

Monier roof tiles assist in keeping unwanted noise out. Their advanced insulation properties mean the only noise in your home is that created by you and your family.

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