Roof sarking is positioned under your roof tiles during installation. It is rolled out in sections parallel to the eaves with an overlap between each layer to help prevent wind driven rain and dust from getting into the roof cavity. Wooden battens are used to secure the sarking to the roof rafters and allow assembly of the roof tiles on top of the sarking.
Thermoseal roof sarking is a multi-layered, non-permeable membrane made specifically for residential roofs. It is developed and laminated in Australia by CSR Bradford using flame retardant adhesives to ensure compliance to BAL bushfire ember attack requirements. It has a distinctive green, outward facing surface and a reflective silver foil on the inward facing side. The reflective foil can help slow down heat flow, making your home feel more comfortable.
Air-cell is offered as an alternative upgrade to thermoseal roof sarking. Air-cell is a patented thermos reflective anti-glare insulation. These products are designed to combat heat gain and heat loss in 3 forms—radiation, convection and conduction—resulting in thermal performance superior to many conventional insulations. Air-cell is non-allergenic, non-irritant and has none of the health and safety warnings associated with regular bulk insulations.