How to Get Your Roof Storm Ready

How to Get Your Roof Storm Ready

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When you think about it, your roof is pretty important. It protects your home and the people living there during extreme weather and temperatures and on a day to day basis.

So, it makes sense to be sure that your roofing in Rockhampton is in good condition.

The middle of a storm isn’t a good time to find out that your roof isn’t ready.

Partner with the experts at Roof Tek and use these tips to be sure your roof is ready for whatever Mother Nature throws your way.

Inspect Your Roof

This will require getting up on the roof and having a look at the tiles or other materials that make up your roof.

Look for damage or missing pieces, warped or raised portions of the roof and any other potential problems you might see.

If you find anything, make sure you have those issues addressed as soon as possible, before a storm comes and makes it worse. 

Clean the Gutters and Drains

If your gutters and drains are full or blocked, that can lead to water or other precipitation backing up on your roof, leading to costly damage.

By keeping them clean and clear, you give water a place to go where it won’t be pooling on the roof and leading to leaks and problems.

This is something you should do regularly, not in the middle of a storm. 

Make a Plan

If you know a storm is coming, make a plan to be sure your roof is ready for it.

Trim any nearby branches or foliage so that it doesn’t end up falling on the roof and causing damage. Repair any problems you see.

Close any windows at the top of your house to prevent wind and extreme weather from having easier access to the parts of your roof that are on the inside of the house.

Have tools and equipment on hand in case of a leak or other problem that you’ll need to take care of before the storm passes. 

Understand Your Insurance Policy

Be sure that you know what is and what isn’t covered under your home’s insurance policy.

That way you know what you can have fixed and what benefits you can take advantage of in the event that the storm damages your roof. 

Give us a call at Roof Tek for any and all issues with roofing in Rockhampton. We can do roof inspections, make repairs and ensure your roof is storm ready.

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