Is Your Roof In Good Order?

Is Your Roof In Good Order?

Checking your roof, especially at this time of year before the winter swings in is critical. Checking it now will enable you to arrange roof repairs in Rockhampton if needed before the rain and storms arrive.


Here at Roof Tek we can arrange a full inspection, repair or replacement if that is required. There are a number of areas you need to look at to see if your roof is in good working order, if it is not, it needs to be rectified as soon as possible.



Check Inside


By looking in your roof space or attic you will be able to see first hand if you require roof repairs in Rockhampton. By having a visual inspection, you will be able to see water trails or dark spots that would indicate that there is water coming in through your roof.


You may also be able to see light coming through a hole in the metal, or where shingles or a tile have become misplaced, depending on the construction of your roof.



An Outside Walk Round


We would not advise anyone to get up on the roof to look for damage without the correct tools and equipment, that is what we are here for and our team are professionals and fully insured. You can, however, do a visual check from street level to see any obvious damage.


From the ground you may be able to see any missing tiles or misshapen shingles, areas where there is a large accumulation of leaves or debris which can signify a leak. See if your roof is straight with no sags and that your guttering is in good condition.


If you can see your skylights, whirlybirds or chimney, check the flashing that surrounds them. If you can see that due to the sun and rain they have become misshapen or started to curl up, they will need immediate attention before the water starts to seep through.


How Old Is Your Roof?


The average roof here in Australia last for around 20 to 25 years. Before this it will require some TLC to keep in in perfect condition to protect your home and your family. If it is around 10 or 15 years old, it may well need restoring and it is definitely a good idea to have it professionally inspected.


Roofs add value to your home and if you are thinking of putting yours on the market, have a roof that has been restored or replaced will make sure that you get a much higher asking price than if the vendors had to do it themselves.


Get Your Roof Checked


Here at Roof Tek we can professionally and expertly undertake inspections, restorations and roof repairs in Rockhampton. Your roof is there to protect the interior of your home from damp and damage and by neglecting it you could end up with big and expensive problems inside your home.


To organise a roof inspection contact us today by giving us a call here.  

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